As TTChatterbox, so many people reach out to me for my recommendations on ... well ... everything and I've had a few recent requests about bridal tokens and other bespoke event favours for life celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, house warming and more. As women, there are so many junctures in our lives where our true friendships shine through. Our teenaged birthday parties. Graduation. Then our wedding day. While mine barely made this century (2001 ... thank you very much!) it was truly a time when I was surrounded by my friends and loved ones. I remember being so grateful to have the support I had through that exciting and crazy time, meticulously choosing little thoughts and tokens to show my love and gratitude.Cut to 2017 and the world of weddings, as with most things in life, has seen the blossoming of ideas and innovations that all lead to the perfect celebration of your day and your relationship with your nearest and dearest. There are so many pop up events that are held on the path to celebrating the big day and any bride-to-be gets overly pedantic about the details. My favourite details as a guest, are always those table centrepieces and the myriad of bridal gifts and favours on offer. Those little touches, those mementos to say thank you to all those who helped and attended, form a part of the milestone fabric that is life. And this isn't only for weddings these days. Goody bags and tokens are present at almost every type of event and celebration - personal and corporate. Everyone wants to be unique at their party, right?Of course I reached out to Dr. Caroline Singh of Buttered Up to see if she could point me in the right direction when it comes. Caroline is fast becoming my resource for all things pretty and I knew she'd have the answers. Not only did she have the answers but Buttered Up had its own Bridal/Gift Line. From event themed lip butters and lip scrubs, to personalised soaps and shower gels, it wasn't long before I was swooning at all the Buttered Up options, anxious to get back to my peeps who had asked the question in the first place. My favourite has to be the mint soap and matching lip butter and lip scrub, with the simple tag, "Mint to Be". As an English fiend, the puns began to rush in, but of course Caroline already had some great ideas!"So much of what Buttered Up has to offer comes from what I see in front of me. from my own wedding to that of my friends, I always see brides wanting to add an individual a touch to every detail on her big day. So I found a way to package all my products to meet the needs of any event. From weddings to baby showers, to birthday parties and corporate events targeted at women and men, I can work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want." And Caroline isn't exaggerating. I particularly loved the option of having my own designs placed on the soaps. Basically you can have a cute saying, or your company logo for corporate events, superimposed on bars of soaps, in flavours that you choose. I can certainly see the TTChatterbox logo on some teal bars. Peppermint maybe? So many choices! Don't start me on the shower gels! There's Peach Bellini, Hibiscus Prosecco and Champagne Kisses. How sexy do those sound?! I must say my life is getting more and more Buttered Up! Stay tuned to SpotOn for all things beauty with his local brand that I love!

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